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Believing Without Seeing

Have you even planted a seed then watched every day with anticipation until it sprouted out of the soil? You knew, although you couldn’t see what was happening underground that seed would emerge, but you didn’t know exactly when.

Sometimes though, none of the seeds sprouted. There might have been conditions which prevented that seed from coming forth such as; too much water, too little, too much sun, not enough sun, insects or others.

Bringing forth what we want in our lives is much like this. First we must decide what it is we want; a new relationship, more clients, a new car, a new career, a promotion, a happy marriage, financial abundance. Next we ask for what we want, which is like planting the seed. Then we must believe that we can have what we want, just like we believe that a seed will sprout.

There is one more step. Providing the best conditions for attaining what we want.

How do we do that?

By doing what we know we must do, then letting go.

When we plant the seed, we must look at the packet it came in and follow directions for watering, best lighting, etc. If we water it too much, or forget to water it for a week, we won’t have the results we want.

Achieving our goals also means following a plan. You can ask and then do nothing. That would be like putting the seed in the ground and forgetting about it. You know what would happen if you did that.

When you ask then believe you can have what you want it’s important to listen to you inner voice and take the steps it tells you to take. Let’s say what you want is a bigger client base. Take some quiet time every day, preferably first thing in the morning and ask yourself: “What can I do today to increase my client base?” Sit still for a time a let ideas come to you. Then write down anything that comes to you, no matter how silly, ridiculous or crazy it may seem. Next, act upon your ideas. DO IT. Do whatever your inner voice has lead you to do. Maybe it said to contact a high profile person. DO IT.

After you’re done putting all of your new ideas for the day in place, LET IT GO. Don’t second guess yourself. Don’t beat yourself up. BELIEVE.

You will soon see those seeds of your desire sprouting up all over.

Enjoy the harvest!


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