Angels are all around you

They offer guidance, but you must ask.

If you have a question about any area in your life, career, romance, money, are looking for  guidancedirection, seeking answers, feel 

confuseddiscouraged or defeated.....   


         Allow the angels to help you. 


Book an Angel Reading

In depth intuitive messages from the comfort of your home or office via phone or video conference.  

What do you want to ask the angels today? 

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In Depth Guidance about one area of your life 

  15 Min. Angel Reading $30.00

In Depth Guidance about 2-3 areas of your life 

30 Min. Angel Reading $50.00

Detailed Life Guidance and Direction

  60 Min. Angel Reading $90.00

Package of 3 - 30 minute readings $125.00

Package of 5 - 30 minute readings  $215.00

I had an angel card reading with Mari while going through a tumultuous time in my life.  Mari gave me a reading that very much resonated with themes going on in my life and renewed my hope for the light at the end of the tunnel.  Many times, we have so much spiritual support from our guardian angels but because we don't physically see it, we forget they are there.  The reading, which duplicated the themes of the things I was fretting about, helped me to connect to that faith that the angels are there and supporting my path to a more authentic, joyful, and abundant life." 

                     -Natasha Edwina, psychotherapist, coach, and author

Recently I was having just an awful day, week, and it seemed as if it were going to last forever!!  I spoke with Mari and she did an Angel Card reading for me. The card she pulled, "The Storm Fields" was so on target, I could hardly believe it.  The card spoke of chaos, not being afraid to shake things up a bit and what we all know to be true, this too shall pass.  When we are in the middle of the storm or the fringes of either side, that's hard to believe.  The reading was spot for me.  I encourage anyone who feels the need for "other" guidance in their life to let Mari do an Angel Card reading for them. 

                              -Barbara Hill