Relationship Coaching

You are worthy of happy, fulfilling relationships.                                                  - Mari Mitchell

Relationships were always difficult for me because I was so desperate to be loved and liked. I would often "morph" into who the guy wanted me to be just to keep the peace. Speaking up for myself took a back seat to pleasing "him" which caused resentment and anger inside of me. This was a very painful way to live and I knew I must make changes. I discovered that the changes had to occur inside of ME. Slowly I began connecting to who I really am and what I really want. I began taking care of myself, doing things that I liked and enjoyed. That lead me to begin truly loving myself. From that space of self-love I was able to create what I truly wanted in relationships.

If you are in a relationship and are struggling or unhappy, there is a way to feel happy and loved, live in harmony, and enjoy the intimacy you long for.  I can help you...


    Transform your relationship

If you're experiencing arguments, lack of intimacy, stress, or tension, you don't have to anymore.

I can teach you the tools to create the happy, fulfilling and fun relationship you long for and deserve.




If you are single and desire to find the perfect person for you I can help you...


             Find the love of your life


There is the perfect person for you. Some call it "True Love". With this person you experience joy, love and fun when you're together. There is love, passion, respect, caring between you. 


There is someone out there who compliments you perfectly. I help you become you true and authentic self. The one that's confident, loving, open, aware and ready for your perfect match to come into your life.

If  you'd like to chat for a few minutes about how I can help you,

email me at to schedule a call.

I can't wait to help you create the relationships you want!   With much Love, Mari

Private Coaching Session  1/2 hour $75.00 

Private Coaching Session 1 hour $150.00

4 - 1 Hour Private Coaching Sessions $500.00 (save $100.00)

3 Months of Private Coaching Sessions - 1400.00 (save 400.00)

12 - 1 hour sessions

6 Months of Private Coaching Sessions $2600.00 (save $1000.00) 24 - 1 hour sessions

"Thank you for helping me get unstuck and thinking BIG. My husband and I  have been to the beach club 3 times in the last week and he was appreciative that I coordinated everything.  It has taken the pressure off of me and definitely helped us to reconnect. I just came back from my yoga class and about to do some journaling. I'm so grateful for you! You have given me permission to play and I'm so thankful for it. "                       -Sue H                                                                                                                   


"Mari is very warm and caring, with helpful insights. Also, she's a great communicator and understanding about reschedules, etc. Highly recommended."      -Bruce H.


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