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Below are two books I've personally authored: Diary of a Hopeless Romantic and The Cuban Heart.


You will also find the Dare to be Authentic Book Series which are books of contributing authors sharing their inspiring stories. 

Also, there are two books authored by Deborah Collins and published by Dare to be Authentic Publishing: A Family Legacy and The Open Hearth


By Mari Mitchell


The Cuban Heart
The Cuban Heart is a book of poetry about many of the experiences; trials and difficulties Cubans faced before and after Castro took over the island of Cuba. It also speaks of the Cuban-Americans; children of those who left their homeland in search of a better life for themselves and for the future of their families. Writing these poems has led to deep healing of pain I had been carrying since I was a child. I hope you are not only touched by them but encouraged in knowing that the spirit of the Cuban people, like those of many others groups who suffered under the hand of injustice and tyranny could not be broken.

Published July 30th 2014

I really enjoyed this book. The stories, told by multiple contributors, are all examples of how people learned to love themselves. It would make a great gift for someone who is going through a major change or is struggling with how to find their place in the world.

                          -Marcy Browe



Dare to be Authentic Vol. 3
Learning to Trust Yourself
This book is the third in a series that invites you to experience what living an authentic life can bring. It's a compilation of authors, each telling their true story of how they learned to trust themselves, follow their intuition and tune into the Divine to create the life they wanted. 

Published March 2016

By Mari Mitchell

This book is what every single man needs to read.It clearly shows you how dating feels like from a woman's point of view and you see what women really think about in certain situations and the little details that really matter to them. As a single man, this book was an eye opener for me and an educational experience, I didn't know I would learn so much about women as I have with this book. If you're single, I definitely recommend you read this book, you will gain wisdom and avoid making wrong choices while dating as you search for your special someone.                         -Raymond Martin

When I picked up this book I never dreamed I was going to be up all night reading it. It is definitely a page turner. Is filled with humor, great insight in a woman's thinking regarding the opposite sex. I loved the honesty of the author toward the reader. I recommend this book not only for woman but for men also. I think it will give them a great insight on the woman's perspective when it comes to romance. Go buy it! you will be glad you did.

                                                         -Kiki Taylor


Diary of a Hopeless Romantic

After six years in a relationship that has taken her from the heights of ecstasy to the depths of misery, Natalie leaves her lover. Brokenhearted and with barely a shred of self-esteem, she soon meets her next obsession and enters into an equally frustrating and unfulfilling relationship. When this man disappears, Natalie wonders why she keeps getting involved with men who lack in love and appreciation. Her determination to find the perfect man, takes her through disappointment, hilarious dating scenarios, and a journey of self-discovery.

Published October 12,2012

A great read . Well written as I really got into Natalie's character and was getting quite frustrated with her neediness . I was relieved to see her grow and become a strong , self assured woman and not reliant on a man to make her happy. I loved her learnings from the various encounters and I think this book should be read by women and men alike in the dating game .                                                             -Nina Smithwick

A very enjoyable read.This book has humor as well as tremendous relevance in today's society. So many women are searching for the right man and this book assures them that they are not alone in their quest. Ms. Porter has an easy writing style that makes the book a quick and enjoyable read. She also has a good understanding of relationships and human nature giving the reader insight into their own emotions. I would highly recommend this novel.    -Roberta Kagan

Me and mom ordered your book and we got it yesterday :)I started reading it and its so hard to put down, it's an amazing book you did an amazing job on it were all very proud :) 
I can't wait to finish it !                         -Jessica 

 Couldn't put it down. I was moved and inspired by the true to life stories told from such a broad span of people that overcame and are still overcoming the biggest obstacles in life

                          -kellylynn Dorman

We Can Recover!This a collaborative book of inspiring stories of recovering addicts sharing what they went through in active addiction and how they rose above it to find recovery and a thriving way to live, clean and sober. It is well written, educational, and hopeful.

                                                      -Elizabeth R Kipp


Dare to be Sober

Dare to be Sober is the first in a series of books written to encourage and inspire. Inside you will find true stories by recovering drug addicts and alcoholics. Stories of courage, strength, and the determination to change. This is a book whose mission is HOPE. The message that resounds loud and clear from each of these stories is that you can recover. Our wish is that you can believe recovery is possible in your life or the life of a loved one.

Published February 15, 2017

Everyone has a story and these brave souls were not afraid to put it out there. I think the telling of these honest heart rendering tales can help everyone open up and be honest about their own past, their own sadness and disappointments, we all have them, no need to hide. And then finding the support and courage to move on and find your authentic self, why wait?



Dare to be Authentic Vol. 2
Learning to Love Yourself
This book Is the second in a series that invites you to experience what living an authentic life can bring. It's a compilation of authors, each telling their story of how they struggled with self-love and were able to begin the process of loving themselves. Be inspired by true stories about overcoming challenges using the power of love.

True inspiration from start to finish! I can't think of a better way to encourage yourself to be brave and create the reality that you want for yourself than to read about how others did just that - and have the stories told in their own words and voices. This book has a prominent place in my home office so I can see it and remind myself regularly that I can be my authentic self.               -M. Heller

This book is an anthology of various women who have reached a level of self-actualization through various struggles and challenges. All of these women discovered an inner strength and courage they didn't know they possessed and thought it important to share their stories. I highly recommend this book because it will allow one to recognize oneself in the stories and have the inner faith in attaining the same self empowerment which will lead to a more fulfilling life.           -Karen M Hoffheimer

In each story there is a gem embedded that readers can ruminize about and put to use in their lives no matter if readers are starting the journey in informing themselves in how to live at their hightest and best or if they are well down the road in that journey and are looking for inspiration because they are navigating a challenging situation in their lives .        -Ann B.

Published March 26th, 2015

By Deborah Collins


The Open Hearth
Finding Your Authentic Self
The Open Hearth is the story of a family whose ancestors were from Germany and settled in Southern Indiana. The father is strict, unrelenting, and does not tolerate shows of emotion. The mother struggles with caring for her children, keeping up with the farmhouse, and helping her husband. Lucie, the oldest daughter tells the story of love, heartbreak, and faith in America’s heartland.

Wonderfully inspiring book. sll of the individual stories in this book are uplifting and thought provoking. I enjoyed it so much I purchased a second one for a friend.  - Kim Daniel

This is a truly inspirational book on so many levels!! A must read- great gift. Each author digs deep and shares the personal journey towards happiness.



Dare to be Authentic Vol. 1
Finding Your Authentic Self
An inspirational book and a collaborative effort. It features over twenty true stories written by those who at one point did not really know themselves and lived unhappy, unfulfilled and sometimes painful lives, and then went on to find their true, authentic self and dared to transform their lives into ones of joy and fulfillment. Although you may not connect and relate with every story, I know there will be one or more that will speak directly to you and touch you in a special way.

Published February 12th 2014

Published November 18, 2014

By Deborah Collins


A Family Legacy - A Peace Within 

A Family Legacy - A Peace Within is the story of a woman who after twenty-eight years follows her dream of visiting the town of her ancestors and meeting her distant cousins. Suffering from severe motions sickness, she experiences not only discomfort, but panic and doubt about whether she will actually make it to the small German town without being hospitalized. As she pushes on towards her goal she finds the peace and re-assurance she has been looking for.

In each story there is a gem embedded that readers can ruminate about and put to use in their lives no matter if readers are starting the journey in informing themselves in how to live at their highest and best or if they are well down the road in that journey and are looking for inspiration because they are navigating a challenging situation in their lives.                            -Ann B.


Dare to be Authentic Vol. 4
Let Yourself Shine

Dare to be Authentic - Let Yourself Shine is a book of contributing authors who have authentically shared their journey to shining their light brighter in this world.  Inside you will find true heartfelt stories of being able to shine even through the most difficult of  circumstances. The resounding message is: You were born to shine!

Published August 1, 2017

Published May 29th 2014

Dare 5 COVER Final 082919.jpg


Dare to be Authentic Vol. 5
Let Yourself Prosper

Dare to be Authentic Vol. 5 - Let Yourself Prosper is a collaborative effort where each author tells their story of how they allowed themselves to prosper. These stories are true, heartfelt, and life-changing. If you're looking for prosperity in any area of your life; finances, relationships, health, spirituality you will find inspiration and encouragement in these pages.

Published August 27, 2019

Published October 28, 2022

Dare 6 cover FINAL FRONT.jpg


Dare to be Authentic Vol. 6
Finding Your Purpose

Dare to be Authentic Vol. 6 - Finding Your Purpose is a collection of true stories written by those who have experienced difficulties, trials, obstacles, inspiration, intuition, and great triumphs on their path to finding their purpose. These stories are encouraging, inspiring, and a model for finding your own purpose in this world.

Published August 4, 2021


Dare to be Authentic Vol. 7
Stepping into Your Power

This book is a collaborate effort of authors telling their story of what it took for them to learn to step into their power. They share authentically and from the heart. They also tell about how stepping into their powers has enhanced their life as well as the lives of others. You will experience their joy, their heartbreak, their struggles and their triumphs. The purpose of this book is to encourage others to step into their power and authentic purpose so that working together we can make this a better world.

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