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Putting your Mind to It

When I woke up this morning I glanced at my phone and saw an email with the subject, You Can Do Anything. I clicked on it and saw the rest: You can do anything you put your mind to. I knew it was a beautiful message from Universe coming to me before even getting out of bed. I breathed in and felt into it. It felt good until I got to the words; you put your mind to. They didn’t feel so good. They felt like effort or striving or even struggle. I let the phrase be and got up to start my day.

During my quiet time, the phrase came back to mind and I took another look at it.

You can to anything you put your mind to.

A different way of perceiving this message came to me.

You can do anything……you think about.

You can do anything… focus on.

You can do anything….you give your attention to.

I realized the message was that I can do, have or be anything that I focus my thoughts on. ANYTHING

This was perfectly in line with what I was receiving in my quiet time about focusing my thoughts on what I want and not on what I don’t have.

What do I want in my life?

Love, joy, abundance, health.....

How do I get it and keep getting it?

By focusing on love, joy, abundance and health.....

Sounds simplistic, but it’s not. The habit of trying to figure things out - working so hard to get what I want - looking at what I don’t have - being upset because I don’t have it –being even more upset when someone else gets it, is one I’ve practiced from childhood. But it’s just that, a habit. And, habits can be changed with practice.

I’m reminding myself today to practice what has brought manifestation after manifestation into my life. Practice appreciating every bit of love, joy, abundance and health I have right NOW and practice keeping my mind focused on more coming my way. In reality everything I want is already here, I just have to step into the high vibration where it all exists. I have to BE as HAPPY as I can possibly be.

How do I do this? By putting my mind to it - by choosing to see life as Amazing.

My desire is that you will put your mind to seeing your life through the eyes of what you want. Is it love, Joy, Money, Health, Peace? Focus on what you want by seeing how much of it you already have. Then, you will experience whatever you want coming to you.


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