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by Mari Mitchell 

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Join me as a guest on my Dare to be Authentic Radio show where I do weekly interviews with leading authors, therapists, spiritual leaders, coaches, teachers, healers, mentors, medical professionals, CEO's, and others from many walks of life, who boldly share how authenticity has enhanced their life.

Do you have a story of authenticity to tell?

I feature guests on my radio show weekly and if you have a story of authenticity, I would love to chat.

Dare to be Authentic Radio has a two-fold mission:

  • To encourage and inspire people 

  • To give those who have a passion for helping others a platform where they can gain more visibility


The model I've created for my radio show is that my guests are my sponsors, therefore I offer 4 promotional packages to choose from .

Call me 954 243-7297

Call or email me  to schedule a time when we can discuss the possibility of having you as a featured guest on my radio show.

Be Visible

Listeners in the US and 45 International Countries

Algeria, Australia, Austria,

Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada,

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Egypt, England, France,

Germany, Greece, India, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia,  Netherlands,

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Scotland, Serbia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka Sweden,  Thailand, Uganda, Uruguay, Vietnam, Wales 

8900+ listeners

International listeners in 45 countries.

We broadcast live from Southern California

It's a 1/2 hour show

The show airs from 12:00 - 12:30 pm Pacific on Monday through Friday


Kayla Brissi Headshot 2.jpg

Kayla Brissi

"Awesome, thank you so much! I had a lot of fun and hope your audience enjoyed the show."


Xanet Pailet

"Thanks for having me on your show. That was a blast and you are a delightful host! It was real."

Jacinta Mpatyenkana headshot. jpg.jpg

Jacinta M Mpatyenkana

"Mari Mitchell is one of those many angels amidst us. She blesses others with her passion and knowledge as she passes along. I felt so connected to her during the interview; at one point I forgot that the airing had to be broadcasted to the world. It felt like I was talking to her-confessing my truth."

Susan Zummo.png

Susan Zummo

Thank you again, I really loved our  conversation and how you picked up on all the right points to emphasize. You're definitely one of the best in the field. 

Paz Ellis HEAD.jpeg

Paz Ellis

"Mari is a fabulous host and a beautiful human being!!"


Jacqueline Elliott

"Just wanted to say a big “THANK YOU !! I enjoyed being on your show so much. It felt like the best interview I’ve ever experienced!"

Pat Bubash

"I listened to our interview. You have an inviting voice, Mari.  I was more satisfied with my comments as I got to "rolling".  I love speaking to groups, engaging, and developing a rapport.  This interview was as good as it was because of you!"

    -Pat Bubash

Susan Wheeler HEAD2jpg.jpg

Susan Wheeler

"Mari, I have had awesome reviews from our interview! I heard from a few people who LOVED our chat!!!  Thank you!!"


Melissa Ford Thornton

"Thank you for the blessing of being a guest on your show! It was such a pleasure and you are a gracious host! Thank you for the links - I'll share them!"

Shanta Headshot 2_19.jpg

Shanta Gabriel

Thank you Mari, it was such a pleasure to be on your show. You really know how to bring out the best in your guests! My signature 2 month Light Field Technology program is ready to go live on June 1. I'm excited and I am glad you brought it up in our talk. Blessings to you and your work

Sam Coy Headshot.jpeg

Dr. Sam Coy

"Thank you Mari!!! Great show! You are amazing!"

Lucie Knapp Headshot.jpg

Lucie Knapp

"I am very pleased with the show. You have a wonderful vehicle through your show to reach out to people. Great job!!!  I have to say I am very proud of how it went..On a personal note my oldest daughter  who lives in Michigan listened to it and she called me immediately with such an outpouring of pride and love  it brought tears to my eyes.  I now know that she understands  what I do in my work as a Life Coach. I thank you for having me on the show and it being a way to bond even more with her.  Just priceless."


What a blast!  I so enjoyed being a guest on your show!  I can't wait to share with others. -Carenda Deonne