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Dare to be Authentic Radio Show

Award winning Radio show 

Produced and Hosted

by Mari Mitchell 

On BlogTalk RADIO

Join me as a guest on my Dare to be Authentic Radio show where I do weekly interviews with leading authors, therapists, spiritual leaders, coaches, teachers, healers, mentors, medical professionals, CEO's, and others from many walks of life, who boldly share how authenticity has enhanced their life.

Do you have a story of authenticity to tell?

I feature guests on my radio show weekly and if you have a story of authenticity, I would love to chat.

Dare to be Authentic Radio has a two-fold mission:

  • To encourage and inspire people 

  • To give those who have a passion for helping others a platform where they can gain more visibility

Broadcasting for 11 years
12,600+ listens in
the USA plus
31 International countries

We broadcast live from Southern California

It's a 1/2 hour LIVE show

You can choose a day and time that's convenient for you.



The model I've created for my radio show is that my guests are my sponsors. I offer several promotional packages for you to choose from .

Book a Call with me to discuss the possibility of having you as a featured guest on my radio show.


Be Visible

12,500+ Listens in the US and 31

 International Countries


Guy Arcuri

“Mari is the quintessential radio talk show hostess and interviewer. She understands the power of story and has quite an amazing one herself. Her skills and professionalism allowed me to talk naturally and comfortably about my own story, which is wrought with pain, suffering and disappointment. Yet, somehow, in telling my story to Mari, I was left with hope… hope that my story, like every one of her guests’, is valid and worth telling. I’m so glad our paths have crossed.”

Guy Arcuri Headshot.jpeg

Nathan Rogers

"Mari, great show. Thank you so much for having me on. I had a great time! You are more than a gracious radio host; you are an engaged discussion partner. I hope what I spoke about resonated with your listeners, inspiring them to take control of their learning and “Dare to Be Authentic.”

Nathan Rogers  HEADSHOT.jpg

Todd Kelly

“Mari was a gracious host who allowed the conversation to flow naturally and allowed both myself, as her guest, and the listeners to connect with her and with each other.  It was truly a pleasure to work with her and an honor to be featured on her show.”

Kathi Sohn

"Mari conducts her interviews from a place of curiosity, compassion and love. She is a living example of authenticity, diving deep into topics to provide more value to her audience while putting her guests at ease."

Kathi Sohn Book coverKathi Sohn_HS.JPG

Pat Wasterval

"It was a privilege and an absolute pleasure to be Mari Mitchell's guest on Dare to be Authentic.  The title of the show alone immediately struck a cord with me because it truly aligned with the heart of the GoGetter program and what I do as a coach. 
Mari created an atmosphere of ease for a lively and thought provoking discussion,  and with the questions she posed, an opportunity to capture the full essence of the GoGetter's purpose. My vision and mission were seamlessly highlighted, and for that, this interview was a very special experience for me. It helped me to expand my program in so many ways with your insightful questions.  Thank you again Mari, you truly are a professional and authentic! I am getting very enthusiastic and positive feedback!"

PatWesterval HEADSHOT_edited.jpg

Trish Bennet

"I reached out to Mari to be a guest on her podcast, Dare to be Authentic. Mari was quick to respond to my inquiry and very professional. We spoke over Zoom about my upcoming appearance on the show and instantly connected. Being a guest on Mari’s show allowed me to tell my story and share my experiences with others. Mari is passionate about her show and the messages she shares with her audience. She also cares about enhancing the success of others by sharing opportunities and making connections. Being on Dare to be Authentic was an enriching experience with a great leader. Thank you, Mari!"

Trish Bennet HEADSHOT smaller.jpg

Marc Daniels

"Mari has a gift for inspiring people to bare their souls during interviews. I don't think I've ever given a more authentic interview with anyone else before."

Marc Daniels headshot.jpg

Chris Nagy

"It was great to get the message out being a part of your production and to your audience.  I could have gone on for a lot longer.  Haha!!  I

Thank you again."

Chris Nagy HEADSHOT.jpg

Shanta Gabriel

"Thank you Mari, it was such a pleasure to be on your show. You really know how to bring out the best in your guests! My signature 2 month Light Field Technology program is ready to go live on June 1. I'm excited and I am glad you brought it up in our talk. Blessings to you and your work."

Shanta Headshot 2_19.jpg

Jennifer Lebedev

"Thank you, Mari, for a very positive interview experience. I appreciate that you took the time to make contact and establish a tone for our discussion even before we went on air. You're professional, engaging, empathetic, and generous. You provide value to many by being authentic and encouraging others to do the same." 

Jennifer Lebedevjennifer l 1 58 (2).jpg

Rebecka Vigus

“Mari, I enjoyed our time on your show. You know just how to bring out the best in people. Thanks for having me.”

Rebecka VigusFall 4 close up.jpg

Bob Chitrathorn

"Mari is amazing.  We connected right from our first 2 minutes of speaking and it was such a pleasure to be on her show.  She is a great host and one you will enjoy conversing with!"

Bob Chitrathornewhite back half bod center low.jpg

Mark Bello

"Mari and "Dare to be Authentic" were a pleasure to work with. I enjoyed the experience Mari takes the time to research issues and ask insightful questions that bring out the best in her guests. 5 Stars!"

Mark Bello HEADSHOT.jpg

Jacqueline Elliott

"Just wanted to say a big “THANK YOU !! I enjoyed being on your show so much. It felt like the best interview I’ve ever experienced!"


Paz Ellis

"Mari is a fabulous host and a beautiful human being!"

Paz Ellis HEAD.jpeg

Faust Ruggiero

"Once again, thanks for an awesome interview. It was such a warm and relaxed atmosphere. I hope we helped a few listeners in need."


Susan Wheeler

"Mari, I have had awesome reviews from our interview! I heard from a few people who LOVED our chat!!!  Thank you!"

Susan Wheeler HEAD2jpg.jpg

Miranda Horvath

"Mari, you were such a great host, made it so easy to express my ideas!"

Miranda Horvath2019-06-04.jpg

Susan Zummo

"Thank you again, I really loved our  conversation and how you picked up on all the  points to emphasize. You are definitely one of the best in the field."

Linwood Jackson Jr

"Thank you so much! You are awesome and I felt at home talking with you. "

Linwood HEADSHOT Jackson Jr.pic .jpg

Michael Micheletti

"Great show. Thank you so much for having me on. I had a great time! I hope what I spoke about resonated with your listeners."

Michael Micheletti Headshot Close.jpg

Carenda Deonne

"What a blast!  I so enjoyed being a guest on your show!  I can't wait to share with others."


Jason Potter

"Mari thanks for the opportunity I really enjoyed talking with you."

Jason Potter HEADSHOT.jpg

Debbie Monteggia

"Thanks for the links and having me on your show. I really enjoyed our talk. I sincerely hope the listeners can benefit from what we shared."

Debbie Monteggia HEADSHOT.jpg

Allen Pickett

“It was a pleasure connecting with Mari and being a guest on Dare to be Authentic Radio. The messages and values she broadcasts are inspiring and I feel honored to be on that wavelength with her! My interview felt natural and smooth and am appreciative of the experience.”

Allen Pickett Headshot.jpeg

Carisa Cole Sharrett

Mari is an amazing woman, entrepreneur, and host!  She makes the whole radio show experience easy, fun, and comfortable.  She is genuine with her questions and generous with her insights.  Her many years of experience hosting her show exponentially increases the value she brings to her audience and to the featured guests.  Thank you so much Mari for a first class episode on your show!

Carisa Cole Sharrett HEADSHOT.JPG

Tamara Davis

"Interviewing with Mari was wonderful. We talked beforehand, and she gave me details about what to expect. We also corresponded over email in preparation. As an author, I liked doing the interview over the phone (vs Zoom) because I didn't have to worry about the visual aspect, and I could glance at my notes. Mari offered me a variety of creative advertising opportunities, and her beautiful website is professionally designed. She made it easy for me to help spread the word about our recording. By sincerely encouraging speakers, listeners, and social media contacts, Mari dares us all to be more authentic. I enjoy listening to her show, and it was a lovely experience to be live on air with her. "


Paul Joel

Dare to Be Authentic with Mari Mitchell was a rare moment of pure joy for me. I was very nervous and was concerned about this appearance since I’ve had a brain injury from Hashimoto’s Encephalitis since 03/25/2019. Fortunately, Mari was the total professional, took control of the interview and it went off perfectly – better than I had hoped for.  This was the first interview I gave about the novel.  I can’t think of a better person to interview an author.

Paul Joel book cover.jpg
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