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by Mari Mitchell 

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Join me on Dare to be Authentic Radio where we interview and promote leading authors, therapists, spiritual leaders, coaches, teachers, healers, mentors, consultants, doctors, medical professionals, CEO's, singers, actors, entrepreneurs, and others who boldly share how authenticity has enhanced their life.

Broadcasting for 10 years!
12,100+ listens in the US plus 54 International countries!

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Featured Shows 

Sylvia O'Connor

Join me with guest Sylvia O'Connor talking about how moving out of her comfort zone led her living an abundance life. Sylvia was born into poverty, but knew that she would not remain in poverty. Some of the things she did was get educated, get rid of a poverty mentality and ask for help.

Sylvia O'Connor.jpeg

Move Out of 
Your Comfort Zone

She is now a motivational speaker and Author of "Living the Abundant Life, 9 principles to Move from Poverty to Prosperity."

Barbara Hemphill

Join me with guest Barbara Hemphill who will be sharing the importance of creating a Home Office for Business and Life. Barbara started her career in the organizing industry in 1978 with a $7 ad in a New York City newspaper. She has since written multiple books, including Taming the Paper Tiger, Less Clutter More Life, and is currently celebrating the 20th Anniversary re-release of Love It or Lose It: Living Clutter-Free Forever. She developed world-class expertise delivered by Certified Specialists at Productive Environment Institute.

Barbara Hemphill.jpg

Organizing Your information for Peace of Mind

Barbara is passionate about helping leaders get organized and accelerate their vision so they can leave a legacy that matters. As for Barbara's legacy, in addition to her far-reaching, long-lasting contributions to the organizing industry, she initiated a compassion project in India called Shepherds House Ministry which will be a home for a family of six, a ministry center for the people they serve, as well as a center to facilitate entrepreneurship.

Rasie Bamigbade

Join me with guest Rasie Bamigbade talking about the importance of self-leadership. Rasie is a leadership coach, book coach, speaker, and author of, “Lead In Your Truth” & “Heal On Your Terms.” She helps corporate leaders lead their teams more effectively through self leadership.

Rasie  HEADSHOT 2.jpg

The Importance of Self-Leadership

She also supports authors with their book construction process from idea to publishing. Through her Youth Mentorship Program she is empowering and helping our youth take control of their lives by providing mentorship resources. Closing the opportunity gap in leadership is at the core of Rasie's work. 

Carisa Cole Sharrett

Join me with guest Carisa Cole Sharrett talking about how primary caregivers (especially those caring for kids and adults with disabilities or other special needs) can reconnect with themselves, restore clarity to their vision and purpose, redesign their daily life to banish burnout, reignite their passions and reclaim their hope.

Carisa is the Founder/CEO of Bravely Intentional Life,

Carisa Cole Sharrett HEADSHOT.JPG

Fueling Families For Empowered Living

as well as an international best-selling author, and the creator of the Empowered Mom Blueprint program. Her passion is fueling families for empowered living. She also holds a current K-12 Special Education teaching certification and served as an award-winning lead teacher, trainer and district case manager for eight years in both the public and charter school systems.

Graciela Tiscareno Sato

Join me with guest Graciela Tiscareno Sato talking about the positive contributions that Latin Americans make in the US. Graciela creates content that SMASHES corporate media stereotypes and hate speech about Hispanic Americans.

Graciela Tiscareno SatoGraciela Tiscareño-Sato 8x10 from VWise.jpg

Contributions of Latin Americans in the US

She is Founder and Publisher of an indie  educational publishing firm, Gracefully Global Group, Author of seven books (two non-fiction, five bilingual children's books, for which she is called Captain Mama). Graciela is also contributor to three anthologies; three online courses, an author coaching program and a Bilingual Airshow Performer. 

Other Featured Shows

Bob Chitrathornewhite back half bod center low.jpg

Bob Chitrathorn

Helping Others is a
Good Thing

Join me with guest Bob Chitrathorn talking about how helping just one person has an effect that can make the world a better place. His parents migrated from Bangkok, Thailand and eventually settled in Southern California. To the Chitrathorns, life in America was a gift and they were proud owners of property in America. Bob became a financial advisor, which was an opportunity to make a good living, while helping others make the best decisions for their own financial lives. Bob doesn't just help his clients with financial advice, he strives to help them in any way he can.

Rob Wilson HEADSHOT.jpeg

Rob Wilson

You are Your Own Limitation

Join me with guest Rob Wilson talking about how the only limitations people encounter is themselves, the "that's easy" - a liberating lingo liberating you from you, and the fresh wisdom he discovered about expanding out of yesterday. Rob is the founder of Cowboy Wisdom Hypnoacuity which is hypnotherapy that quiets the thinking memory mind and shows people that the way of self discovery is about listening and witnessing your daily life as a life expanding experience. 

Doug Weissman HEADSHOT.jpeg

Douglas Weissman

Remaining Authentic in Writing 

Dare to be Authentic Radio with guest Douglas Weissman talking about what it means to be authentic in your writing and how to lean into vulnerability. Doug is a travel writer and novelist.  He avoided writing for years thinking there was no future in it but he kept coming back to writing in one form or another and realized without exception, it is where he needs to be. Doug's new book "Life Between Seconds" is available on Amazon and other book sellers.  

Guy Arcuri Headshot.jpeg

Guy Arcuri

Overcoming the Trauma of a Toxic Upbringing

Join me with guest Guy Arcuri talking about overcoming the trauma of a toxic mother. Guy grew up in a household with a toxic mother. In his late 20's he realized he was being just as "abusive" to his own wife as his mother was to him. So, he sought intensive therapy, a surrogate father/mentor, reading in order to  experiment on how to change and heal. He is author of: "Toxic Mothers: A Son’s Guide to Healing and Moving On" which tells the story of what he went through in order to help others who are in the same situation.

Barbara Hemphill.jpg

Barbara Hemphill

Getting Organized for 2023 

Join me with guest Barbara Hemphill talking about getting organized for 2023 and what that means to you. Barbara believes that it's important to be authentic about what you really want, which leads to organizing in all sorts of ways. Barbara is founder of Productive Environment Institute. She is passionate about helping leaders accelerate their vision so they can leave a legacy that matters. She has also authored several bestselling books her most recent being, "Walking with Barbara: 30 Emails from God."

Mark Loughman HEADSHOT.jpeg

Mark Loughman*

Not Everything We've Been Taught is  True

Join me with guest Mark Loughman talking about his debut novel "Before the Moon" and why he believes that many of the things we hav been taught are not necessarily true. Mark is an English musician-  entrepreneur - author who now resides in Southern California. He arrived in New York in  2000 and he subsidize his meager musicians wages by creating and selling t-shirts on Venice beach. Then, he created music equipment and British Audio Engineering and UK sound are  worldwide revered brands. He went on to record three albums in the States, then decided to write his first book titled, "Before The Moon."

Cheryl Murphy HEADSHOTjpg.jpg

Cheryl Murphy**

Standing in Your Truth is Your Authentic Superpower

Join me with guest Cheryl Murphy talking about how everyone has intuition they can use to help guide them on their path to attain their wishes and desires. Cheryl grew up psychic. One day her angels came to her and communicated that helping people and serving spirit was to be her full time career.Cheryl now does medium and psychic readings for individuals and groups via Zoom and phone

Michelle Garbutt_HEADSHOT.jpg

Michelle Garbutt*

Healing Your Emotional Health

Join me with guest Michelle Garbutt talking about how important it is to heal our emotional health. In 2016 Michelle had an Ulcerative Colitis flare and decided that she needed to find a better way to manage stress, as it was a trigger.  She found clinical remission within a year and has remained there ever since. She discovered that the body has the ability to heal itself. Michelle now offers one-on-one coaching to guide people through the steps that she took too heal her UC,

Ann Naimark 2.png

Ann Naimark

Your Life Can Be Smoother and More Joyful

Join me with guest Ann Naimark talking about how spending time with your body, mind, emotions and spirit helps to balance and align them with the Core Love that is you. Ann has been a spiritual psychotherapist for 32 years. She and her clients together explore what's going on with their spiritual life. She also does EMDR, a form of bilateral brain stimulation that can be used for all sorts of pain, trauma, etc. It encompasses body, mind, and emotion. She finds EMDR very effective to help people come to a place of peace. Ann is also the author of  her memoir,"A Touch of Light"

Rebecka VigusFall 4 close up.jpg

Rebecka Vigus

Your Life Can Be Smoother and More Joyful

Join me with guest Rebecka Vigus talking about how everyone has a story to tell. When Rebecka was ten, a teacher told her that her imagination would one day see her in books. She started with nonsense poetry, then moved into poetry of teenage angst. What she really wanted was to write a novel. Rebecka is now author of 14 books and coaches others who want to write. 

Kathryn Ramsperger HEADSHOT .jpg

Kathryn Ramsperger

Step Into Your Story 

Join me with guest Kathryn Brown Ramsperger talking about why it's important to step into your own story and how that changes your life. Kathryn is an author, coach, humanitarian, and speaker. Her work and travels took her throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. new novel, A Thousand Flying Things, is a stand alone sequel to her award-winning novel The Shores of Our Souls. Kathryn also has a small coaching practice focusing on diverse relationships and intuitive

Maureen BurfordMaureen Headshot.jpg

Maureen Burford

Giving Children and Teens Tools for Inner Well-being

Join me with guest Maureen Burford talking about how the Framework approach supports children and teens. Executive Director and Framework Facilitator Maureen Burford is a veteran teacher with 38 years of experience in the field. With support and training from her long-time teacher Ellen Tadd, she has brought the Framework approach to more than 3,200 youth and adults. In 2019, she received The Lynn von Trapp Award for excellence in leading preventative programming for youth.

Eliott Robertson HEADSHOT.jpg

Elliott Robertson

Being Attuned to Your
Inner Awareness

Join me with guest Elliott Robertson talking about how economic or any other world crises provide us with an opportunity for profound spiritual growth. Elliott is passionate about inspiring and guiding people to discover the glory within. He is a Spiritual Growth Coach who offers programs to help people release inner blocks to empowerment and sovereignty and cultivate new patterns of relating to themselves and to the world.

Tony Burton HEADSHOT.jpeg

Lewis L. Burton III

Develop and Work the Plan to Achieve Your Goals

Join me with guest “Tony” Lewis L. Burton III talking about how you can achieve the goals you have for yourself. Tony has worked in the education arena for 25 plus years. He is a life coach/consultant and founder of TL Burton and Associates, LLC. He is also  author "ReThinking Big." Tony is passionate about focusing on his happiness and the happiness of those around him, family, clients, and friends. He  attempts to makes a difference in the lives of his clients which makes a difference their business, their families, as well as the community and the world at large.


Tamara Miller Davis

Being Mindful about Social Media

Join me with guest Tamara Miller Davis talking about digital wellness which means: limiting screen time, consciously using tech with intention, and having rules around screens for kids. Tamara is the author of the novel Despite the Buzz in which she used the filter of fiction to creatively speak up for digital wellness. She is passionate about writing, teaching,  and supporting/empowering others to do good in this world. In addition to being an author, Tamara is a mother of two, a U.S. Coast Guard veteran from Michigan, and works as a substitute teacher in California

Misha Safran Headshot.jpeg

Misha Safran

Supporting Inclusion and Belonging 

Join me with guest Misha Safran talking about reducing the amount of hate and violent communication there is in our world. Her message is about supporting ourselves and each other in leaning towards positive intent, self-care, and compassion so that we can all show up to support inclusion and belonging rather than let fear dictate our lives which often results in harm and even death. 

Allen Pickett Headshot.jpeg

Allen Pickett

Opening Yourself to Compassion and Love

Join me  with guest Allen Pickett talking about how opening himself to compassion and love for all beings made a shift in his quality of life. Allen is the founder of Honeybee Hemp Farms, in North Carolina. His mission is to support the pollinator population and combat the opioid epidemic. Honeybee Hemp Farms creates hemp and mushroom extract infused honey products for human consumption.


Crista Tharp

Find Your Bliss and Live it Unapologetically

Join me with guest Crista Tharp talking about  how she took off the superwoman cape and found her bliss. When Crista hit 41 she had extreme fatigue. A female doctor told her that if she didn't reduce her stress, within a few weeks she would be in the hospital. Crista decided to ditch the superwoman cape, embrace her flaws and find her blyss, She is author of: "Ditching the F**king Cape - Confessions of a So-called Superwoman."


Rosemary Joan McDermott 

I listened to the interview and found it fascinating. Such a humble man writing a soul stirring book.  Well done! Great interview Mari!

Rey Leal

Thank you for all that you stand for and the joy you are putting out into the world!

Paz Ellis

 Mari is a fabulous host and a beautiful human being!

Mary Davis

I am an avid listener. Keep up the great episodes!

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