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Featured Shows of the Week

Cheryl Murphy

Join me with guest Cheryl Murphy talking about how everyone has intuition they can use to help guide them on their path to attain their wishes and desires. Cheryl grew up psychic, even though it was not discussed outside their household because no one else was talking about this subject during her school years. The women of her family were very intuitive and as a child,  she would be part of some of their conversations. For many years Cheryl worked regular jobs during the day and did readings on the weekends. One day her angels came to her and communicated that helping people and serving spirit was to be her full time career. 

Cheryl Murphy HEADSHOTjpg.jpg

Standing in Your Truth is Your Authentic Superpower

Cheryl now does medium and psychic readings for individuals and groups via Zoom and phone. She has her Circle of Love readings monthly: a small group of 8 people where everyone is guaranteed a reading. She is the founder of The Healing Prayer Circle, a weekly FREE online community of Meditation, Healing, Hope, and Transformation. Cheryl is also a volunteer and a member of FindMeGroup.org, which helps find missing persons and bring resolution and closure to their families. She is very passionate about helping people understand their connection to spirit and always tries to empower people by helping them develop their intuitive senses. 

Rob Wilson

Join me with guest Rob Wilson talking about how to detach your reactionary emotions and nitpicking, analytical mind, let go of trying to be happy, and feel inner peace. He is passionate about helping people discover an enterprising vocabulary that expands them out of yesterday to energizing today, enterprising their dreams to experience their desired life.

Rob Wilson HEADSHOT.jpeg

A Better Way to Experience Life

Rob is the founder of Cowboy Wisdom Hypnoacuity that features wisdom and fun, as well as an Inspirational Speaker, Hypnoacuitist, Dream Sculptor and published author of several books including: "Endless Inspiration" and "My Wisdon Breathes." 

Kem and Anne Bey

Join me with guests Kem & Anne Bey talking about their path to financial freedom and how they help others achieve the same. Kem and Anne are the founders of the 6 figure University. 

Kem and Anne Bey20908_edited.jpg

Financial Freedom and Literacy 

They teach entrepreneurs and Beauty professionals how to become commercial landlords with little to no investment without having to own a property.  In short they teach others how to find, fund, fix, fill, and successfully operate your salon suite facility.

Other Featured Shows

Steven Mana Trinkclip_image007.jpeg

Steven Mana Trink

Embodiment of Love Consciousness

Guest Steven Mana Trink talking about staying healthy and living a quality life. Mana an artist and author of “Navigating The Winds of Change, A Spiritual Guide to Embracing A Loving Life." He started painting as a form of art therapy to facilitate his healing and thrive in life. This method of treatment facilitated a holistic approach to healing pain and trauma that cause disease. 

Fran Graham HEADSHOT.jpeg

Fran Graham

Rise Again to Wholeness

Guest Fran Graham talking about dealing with emotional trauma. Fran is passionate about showing people how they can pick themselves up from what ever has knocked them down, and Rise Again to wholeness.  She provides a wealth of knowledge and expertise to those in crisis and psychological trauma. Fran is also author of "What To Do When Life Sucks" available on Amazon.

Vicki Mizel HEADSHOT.jpeg

Vicki Mizel

Improving Anyone's Brain - Even Alzheimer’s Patients!

Guest Vicki Mizel talking about her program which strengthens the brain at any age and even helps Alzheimer's patients. Vicki's innovative memory techniques  have been used in training stroke, brain injured, and Alzheimer’s patients. She now offers her programs to therapists, heath care practitioners, spouses, and caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients and their loved ones.  Vicki is a teacher, counselor, author, actress, and professional speaker.

Diana Acura HEADShot .png

Diana Acuna

The Courage to Embrace Your Emotions

Diana Acuna talking about embracing your emotions, not avoiding them. Diana was not allowed to fully express emotions growing up, so as a young woman she avoided emotions. Since avoiding emotions is a fear based behavior, she was afraid to be herself and of what others thought of her. Once she finally chose courage over fear, she found that people engaged and responded positively Diana now coaches young professionals to embrace their emotions. 

Emili Adame HEADSHOT.png

Emili Adame

Awaken to Your Authentic Self

Guest Emili Adame talking about how we each have a purpose and how living in full alignment with your truth and purpose sets you free. Emili started her  spiritual journey over 10 years ago. She felt hopeless, yet she knew she was meant for great things, but didn't know where to start. She started taking meditation classes at a Buddhist center and that lead to the first of two spiritual awakenings. Emili is a celebrity lifestyle coach, a soul reader, and astrologer.

Daniel MangenaDM Headshot (1) (1).jpeg

Daniel Mangena

Abundance Is Your Birthright 

Guest Daniel Mangena, talking about his journey from being seriously suicidal to becoming a master of manifesting what he wants in his life. Daniel is a Public Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Broadcaster and Coach. He is best known for his highly successful "Micro2Millions" program and is the author of Stepping Beyond Intention and The Money Game. He is completely self-made and has spent decades perfecting his world-class coaching methodology. Daniel seeks to share his vision of empowerment and joy with the world.

Pastor JudyAnnheadshot.jpg

JudyAnn Krell Morse

How God Demonstrates His Love 

Guest JudyAnn Krell Morse talking about her book “Simple Signs of God’s Love”, why she wrote it, and how God demonstrates his love to us. Her book,“Simple Signs of God’s Love” was written from over 200 notes gathered throughout 50 years. The book is a collection of events in her life during which God demonstrated His love for her, even when she didn’t recognize or acknowledge it. 

Sarah Lutz Headshot.jpeg

Sarah Lutz

Change Starts at an

Unconscious Level

Guest Sarah Lutz talking about what is necessary for us to begin real change in our lives and why working at a subconscious level is so valuable. As she reconnected with past passions and interests that made her feel happy, a desire rose in her to help others heal and grow. Sarah now helps men face the parts of themselves that they don’t like, release old emotions and beliefs, so that they can life their best life. 

Marni Hill FoderaroIMG_1342.jpg

Marni Hill Foderaro

Stay True to Your values & Your Authentic Self

Guest Marni Hill Foderaro Marni Hill Foderaro talking about living an authentic life. Her “Fairytale Life” was shattered when she chose to escape her abusive 27 year marriage, losing most everything, even an adult child to severe Parental Alienation.  After opening her heart and soul to spiritual miracles, she wrote her award Winning spiritual fiction book, “God Came To My Garage Sale” which  tells about all her experiences.

Kathy Ho HEADSHOT2.jpg

Kathy Ho

Moving Forward After Loss

Guest Kathy Ho talking about dealing with the loss of a loved one and how we must have the courage to stand back up. Kathy lost her  husband six years ago due to a stroke. It took her about two years to recover from the loss. To heal she started to journal. With the support and encouragement from friends she decided to turn her journal entries into her book, "Living Forward After Loss." Her passion is to help those who are in the same situation she was in, bounce back to life. 

Chris Nagy HEADSHOT.jpg

Chris Nagy

Living a Self Designed Life

Guest Chris Nagy talking about how he gave up a very lucrative business where he spent a majority of his time being unhappy and did not have the full freedom to be himself, in order to create a fulfilling and happy life. Chris is the founder of Iron Buffet Technologies; creators of the MFit trainer fitness app, MyNutrition app, Iron Buffet DNA, and several other health and fitness companies.

davidnshannon HEADSHOT.jpeg

Shannon and David Carroll

Hope For Marriages 

Guests Shannon and David Carroll talking about their bizarre struggle with his amnesia,  how they got through the other side of it, what they learned. David and Shannon co-authored a book called "One Thing Remains: One Couple's Traumatic Encounter with Amnesia and Their Life-Changing Journey to Restoration." People are drawn to their real and raw messages of trials and triumph, where they direct others back to the truths of God's Word and how it applies practically in all areas of life today. 

Dr. Noel Reed.png

Dr. Noel Reed Jr

Transformational Coaching

Guest Dr. Noel Reed Jr. talking about what Transformational Coaching is and how it helps people achieve success by promoting positivity for the betterment of peoples spiritual, mental, and physical well-being.  Noel is passionate about helping others see the full potential they possess and to be the best they can possibly be. He is author "Transformational Coaching, A Spiritual Journey through Education for Life" He is also  the founder and president of the non-profit organization, Transformational Coaching and Consulting Services.

Mitch Russo0236-2400.jpg

Mitch Russo

How to Explode Your Business

Guest Mitch Russo talking about how to explode your business. Mitch started a software company in his garage, sold it for 8 figures and then went on to work directly with Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes. He is author “The Invisible Organization” a CEO’s guide to transitioning a traditional company into a fully virtual organization. His newest book is, "Power Tribes – How Certification Can Explode Your Business." He also just launched his coach practice management software to help Coaches 

Coach Al Kelbren.jpg

Coach Al

Healing Trauma for Success 

Guest Coach Al talking about his struggles with ADD and obesity and how he overcame both. He later struggled with a loved one diagnosed with autism and wanted to find a way to help them. By observing the benefits of gymnastics to the human body, he created a system called NeuroFitnastics to promote brain rewiring and stop learning limitations. Through this he was able to help his own loved one. His passion is teaching people to heal traumas in order to prepare themselves for success and happiness.

Emma Viglucci-HEADSHOT.jpg

Emma Viglucci*

You CAN Create the Relationship You Desire

guest Emma Viglucci who works with couples, helping them create their most authentic, and successful relationships. She's dedicated to the wellness and success of partners and couples. Her mission is to help couples create a strong and inspiring partnership to serve as role models of what is possible when they tap into their inherent synergy, including creating healthy and enriching homes for the future leaders of our world. Emma is a Relationship Therapist and Coach as well as the Founder and Director of MetroRelationship.Com.

Sara Schley.jpeg

Sara Schley

Healing from the Inside Out 

Guest Sara Schley talking about her challenges with Bipolar II brain and her passion for saving lives, ending the stigma and optimizing health. Sara is boldly speaking out about what life has been like for her with BiPolar II brain. Authenticity is everything to her. She is also author of "Brainstorm - From Broken to Blessed on the Bi-polar Spectrum." Sara has also co-founded several networks including The SoL Sustainability Consortium, Women in Power, and most recently, WeTheChange. Sara and is also the leader of an international consulting collaborative called Seed Systems.

Marc Daniels headshot.jpg

Marc Daniels

Root Feed Your Soul

Join me with guest Marc Daniels talking about what he means by "root feed your soul" and what it's so important.Marc is author of "Weed Out Hate: Plant a Rose - A Judaic Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr." He was inspired to write this book after a life changing experience; a visit to the site of Dachau concentration campMarc is also founder of the Weed Out Hate Initiative for kids of all ages to weed out hate from their hearts. His mission is to inspire the electorate to unite and grind down systemic racism. Marc's saying is: "Root Feed Your Spirit to Bring Out Your Inner Rose."


Rosemary Joan McDermott 

I listened to the interview and found it fascinating. Such a humble man writing a soul stirring book.  Well done! Great interview Mari!

Rey Leal

Thank you for all that you stand for and the joy you are putting out into the world!

Paz Ellis

 Mari is a fabulous host and a beautiful human being!

Mary Davis

I am an avid listener. Keep up the great episodes!