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Featured shows of the week 

Harriet Tinka & Dr. Allen Lycka
How You React to Life is What Matters

Join me with guests Harriet Tinka & Dr. Allen Lycka talking about how "It's not what happens to you it's what you do with what happens."

Harriet's focus has been on sharing the 13 Golden Pearls, a necklace of self-empowerment to enhance lives. She is also founder of EmpoweredMe Inc where she is virtually teaching young girls and women resiliency and emotional intelligence. 

Dr Allen Lycka works with those who suffer from a victim mentality, and don't even realize it. His solution is to adopt a new mindset:  "It's not what happens to you it's what you do with what happens." He has lived this philosophy in his personal and business life. And in doing so, he has emerged better and stronger than he was before and wants to teach others how to do the same.

Tom Paladino
Healing the World

Join me with guest Tom Paladino who uses Scalar Light Energy to eliminate the causative agent of disease. Inspired by various scientists, especially Nikola Tesla, Tom began research with scalar energy during his under-graduate years. He has developed a remote treatment process whereby he is able to administer the scalar energy reverse-phase angle harmonic of a pathogen, thereby causing that agent of infection to disassemble or fall apart. His instruments provide a remote, fast, harmless and painless treatment process that has successfully healed patients with HIV/AIDS, Ebola, herpes, hepatitis, Lyme disease, and over 400,000 pathogens that cause disease.  

Carenda Deonne
When Life Gives You Lemons, Throw them Back!

Join me with guest Carenda Deonne talking about having enough faith, forgiveness and fortitude to throw those lemons back, when life give you lemons. Carenda was bullied growing up, so for a long time she worked hard trying to please everyone else, force friendships and lower her standards just to feel accepted. After going through two failed marriages and failed business relationships she  decided to no longer make lemonade from the lemons life gave her, but instead TAKE AIM!  Now she's determined to take the TAKE AIM message to women nationwide. Carenda is a Motivational Speaker, Minister, Author and Spiritual Life Coach. Her newest book is "Perfect Patty Messed Up", a 40 day devotional for women to embrace their shortcomings and move forward peacefully by not only forgiving themselves but also learning from their mistakes. 

Robin Perry Braun
Practical Application of Quantum Energy Principles

Join me with guest Robin Perry Braun talking about the practical application of Quantum Energy Principles. Learning these principles and why they matter is Robin's passion. She incorporated years of nutritional knowledge, alternative medicine knowledge, spiritual tool box and subconscious programming knowledge to develop her own modality. Robin is a holistic energy practitioner and also trains people to become energy practitioners, in her certified modality. She speaks and educates on holistic health and wellness and Biblical principles to live that way. 

Dr. Lisa Lewis Ellis
Personal and Professional Success is Possible

Join me with guest Dr. Lisa Lewis Ellis talking about releasing self-limiting belief systems that keep you from achieving what you want in your life. At various points in her life she made some decisions that didn't serve her well; personally and professionally.  She had to S.H.I.F.T.  her belief sytems to S.E.R.V.E. her unique S.H.I.N.E. Lisa, known as The Belief System (B.S.) Boss, teaches how to achieve success by releasing the mental restraints of self-limiting belief systems. She is a certified John Maxwell Team coach, international speaker, teacher, trainer, and best-selling author, and the founder of Kick Boxing Believers, L.L.C.  Dr. Lisa is well equipped to serve you. 

Other featured shows

Jacqueline Claire*
Be the Brightest Soul You Can Be

Join me with guest Jacqueline Claire talking about creating a deeper connection to the spiritual. Jacqueline is a visual artist who coined the term “Spiritual Realism” to describe her work. She is driven to uplift her community and bring people together through her paintings.

Dr. Richard London*
This World of Change

Join me with Dr. Richard London talking about what the future looks like, feels like, and the solutions and tools create a happy and healthy life. Dr. London is world renowned author of "Laughing with God, The Ultimate Guide to Enlightenment”, and a Master Teacher of the book and video, "The Secret" 

Maggie Bain*
Stripping Down to Your Authentic Self

Join me with guest Maggie Bain as she talks about what it takes to restore relationships. Maggie shows couples how to strip down to their authentic self, so that they can create extraordinary relationships. She is a Sex Coach and Relationship Specialist with more than 10 years of experience.

Rhonda Farrah*
Our Innate and Authentic Power from Within

Join me with guest Rhonda Farrah talking about how we all have innate, authentic power that comes from within. Rhonda is a LIFEstyle Empowerment Coach, and Author, specializing in Wellness Empowerment in body, mind, Spirit, relationship, and society. She believes that even in these uncertain  pandemic times, we still have the ability to Live an Empowered Life.

Dr. Ivy Ge*
Helping Women Pursue Self-Growth

Join me with guest Dr. Ivy Ge who inspires women to design their own fate. She transformed her life as a working mother and now writes thrillers that tell the extraordinary tales of ordinary heroines. Her self-help books empower women to pursue self-growth outside the role of caregivers. 

Juan Rodriguez*
Bringing to Light the Modern Day Oppression

Join me with guest Juan Rodriguez talking about the modern day oppression in this world. Juan is author of "The Veronica Journey" book series where he writes about real subjects such as: racism, misogyny, rape, mental illness, drug addiction, suicide, despotism in the government, religious and pharmaceutical corruption.

Nelson Brown**
The Beauty in Us

Join me with guest Nelson Brown author of "The Beauty in Us, Our Reality". His #BlackPrinceMagic clothing line  celebrates young, black men and their accomplishments. His newest book: "The Beauty In Us: Vulnerable Masculinity" was just released through Amazon.  He's will also be starting his own radio show  "The Beauty In Us Radio".

Christopher Page
Questioning the Normal Answers 

Join me with guest Christopher Page talking about how to look at things outside the Cliche phrases we've been hearing all our lives. Christopher is author of "Since You Didn't Ask, A Collection of Life's Avoidable Pitfalls," about how we as a society incorrectly follow sets of controlling, “expected vernacular” terms like, “you have to fail to succeed” or “be all you can be”. 

Michelle Hannah*+
Take The Self Vows First

Join me with guest Michelle Hannah who encourages us to take the "Self-vows" before committing to a relationship with another. Her book "The Vows" came from a deep desire to connect to her authentic self. She uses what she learned in her journey to self-love and a loving fulfilling relationship, to help women find their true selves.

J. Calvin Tibbs
We are Sophisticated Masterpieces

Join me with Dr. J. Calvin Tibbs talking about how each and every one of us is a Sophisticated Masterpiece  and are called to discover our Highest Growth Potential. Calvin, who has a Doctorate in Ministry, believes that we are tasked with overcoming Purpose Deficit Disorder and discover our Highest Growth Potential to add value to others. 

Dr. Denise Moore Revel
It's Time to Embrace Who You Really Are

Join me with guest Dr. Denise Moore Revel talking about living an empowered life. She started on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment where she found her voice. Now she empowers other women to do the same through, the Own Your Amazing Movement which she is founder of. She's also author of an Amazon best seller, "Own Your Amazing." 

Tammy Lynn Guns
Living a HAPPY and Healthy life

Join me with guest Tammy Lynn Guns talking about how financial illiteracy is the number one economic crisis facing our world. She teaches people how money works so they are properly prepared for situations such as COVID 19. Tammy is on a mission to stamp out financial illiteracy. Her latest publication is “Your Ultimate Daily Guide for Success.”

Ken Fish
The Practical Reality of the God of the Bible

Join me with guest Ken Fish talking about his passion for connecting people to the supernatural, tangible and practical reality of the God of the Bible. Ken was launched on a journey which he's still on; seeing God move miraculously. He believes that God loves you, and will demonstrate this to you if you will give him a chance. 

Frank Agin *
Business and Personal Success through Networking

Frank Agin talks about business and personal success through networking. He believe that authenticity is the key to connecting with people. Frank is Founder and CEO of AmSpirit Business Connections, and helps empower entrepreneurs, sales reps and professionals become more successful by providing a space for authentic networking.

Christine Rucci*
Being Me is What Makes Me Happy

Join me with guest Christine Rucci who at the age of 19 was in a horrific car accident that left her facially disfigured. Over the next 13 years she would have over 30 operations to try and repair the damage to give her some semblance of normalcy. Authenticty is of utter importance  to her Christine is an RN and author of "Two Phased", her memoir. 

Christina Flach*
Sepsis Awareness, Grief, and Resiliency 

Join me with guest Christina Flach who lost her husband to Sepsis and now speaks on sepsis awareness. Christina is the CEO of Pretty Girl Makeup, a celebrity makeup artist, and a fashion commentator. She is also a sepsis awareness advocate, as well as a mom, divorcee, and widow. 

Jimmy Mack*
All Change Begins and Ends With Working on Ourselves

Join me with guest Jimmy Mack as he talks about how everything is energy. Jimmy is healer who uses his Liquid Fish, Change made simple technique to help people. He has a weekly radio show and is author of 8 books and 28 audio MP3's. 

Jonathan Mather*
Overcome Burnout, Frustration, and the Isolation of Success

Join me with guest Jonathan Mather talking about how to get more of what you want in your life. Jonathan went from having lost almost everything in his mid-40's, to finding a peaceful and purpose driven life, full of abundance. He now helps people achieve anything they are wanting more of in their life. 

Patty Sisco*
Another Cheesy Family Newsletter

Join me with Patty Sisco who writes under the pen name of Elizabeth Silva as she talks about her memoir, "Another Cheesy Family Newsletter." Patty is a passionate advocate for public education, for those with autism, for improved mental health, for families dealing with addiction and alcoholism.

Sheldon Ginsberg
Conscious Breathing Calms the Body and Mind 

Sheldon Ginsberg who helps people create a conscious breathing practice which calms the body and mind and slows you down so you can hear and feel yourself. One of Sheldon's clients has a cancerous brain tumor the size of a walnut. When MRI results came back, the tumor had shrunk by 15mm!

Jennifer Benson**
Transform Into Your Most Authentic and True Self 

Jennifer Benson talking about her fascinating journey to become her most authentic and true self. After teaching abroad for 14 years, Jennifer moved home, risking everything. There was much loss for her but it was her path. She is author of her memoir "Beautiful Possibilities" which illustrates her life abroad, as both woman and expat. 

Patricia Gagic*
Inspired to be Rewired Every Single Day 

Join me with guest Patricia Gagic as she talks about how to be inspired to be rewired every day. Patricia is an accomplished International Contemporary Artist and award- winning Author. She will be exhibiting in Paris, London, Singapore, and Australia in 2020. Patricia is also the author of "Mastering the 5 Radical Degrees of Life" 

Christopher Powell**
Developing Your Vision Into Physical Reality

Christopher Powell encourages people from all walks of life to find the gifts within their challenges. Christoper is a mathematician, businessman, and motivational speaker with cerebral palsy. He uses his humorous and insightful stories of personal triumph over a lifetime of heartbreaking disability to show others how they can overcome their challenges.

Lizbeth Meredith *
You Can Achieve Improbable Goals

Join me with guest Lizbeth Meredith, a speaker and the author of her memoir, Pieces of Me: Rescuing My Kidnapped Daughters." A former domestic violence advocate and child abuse investigator, Lizbeth has worked for the past two decades as a probation officer. 

Jeff Antonucci *
Beautiful Messages of Love, Peace and Goodwill 

Join me with guest Jeff Antonucci talking about his book "Deep Within a Blueberry Sky," which is a beautiful story about the wonderful power of love and all the amazing good that comes to everyone and everything that it touches. “Love and Peace, a SIGN for our times.” is Jeff's newest inspiration.

Margaret Mary O'Connor
Here's to the Truth!

Margaret Mary O'Connor talks about her book, "Scandal in the Shadows", which exposes one of the biggest cover-ups of the Catholic Church. Margaret discovered that Mary Mother of God, was a Women Priest. She wrote her book to start a conversation world-wide, telling the truth about women priests in the Catholic Church.

Jeanne Hess*
Expanding Meaning, Consciousness, and Inclusivity

Join me with guest Jeanne Hess as she talks about how through telling of stories we can expand meaning, consciousness, and inclusivity. Jeanne is a retired  coach and teacher from Kalamazoo College.  Her second book, "MaxAbility - Who Are You, and What Are You Here For?" takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery.

Elliott Robertson**
Say Yes to Life 

Join me with guest Elliott Robertson talking about how letting the heart be the engine can lead to greater fulfillment and happiness. Elliott is an author, happiness coach and certified leader for ‘Happy for No Reason’ workshops. In his book, "Say Yes to Life, Elliott shines a light on ways to live with the heart leading the way.

Shenandoah Chefalo*
It is Possible to Overcome and Heal at Any Age

Join me with guest Shenandoah Chefalo as she talks about fostering an understanding of trauma and resilience so we can move toward healing and positive growth. Shenandoah is author of three books including her award winning, Garbage Bag Suitcase. 

Larada Horner-Miller
You Can Become Authentic at Any Age

Join me with guest Larada Horner-Miller talking about how writing has given a voice and a place to be authentic. In October 2017, she started her newest book, "Just Another Square Dance Caller,", which began with with weekly interviews with Marshall Flippo, the most famous square dance caller in the world. 

Gosia Lorenz*
Creation for Connection

Join me with guest Gosia Lorenz and she talks about consciousness, awakening, being empowered. She believes that it's time for you to awaken, step up, be seen and heard. Gosia teaches classes about conscious, joyful living, and how to communicate with the spirit world, and energies. She is a gifted healer, engaging speaker, and bestselling author.

Marguerite Uhlmann Bower*
Trees and Plants Are in Deep Communication With Us 

Join me with guest Marguerite Uhlmann Bower as she shares how trees, plants and flora communicate with us and can enhance our lives. Marguerite speaks on plants through Wild Foods Foraging Expeditions in New York where she introduces people to the role of plants and trees in our wellness.

Ted McLyman
What You Know About Money is Making You Broke

Join me with guest Ted McLyman talking about why what you know about money is making you broke. He believes that success with money is about managing behavior and leadership - NOT money. Ted's latest book is, "Discover Your Money Temperament, A Common-Sense Guide to Financial Security," 

Ceola J.
Your Past Does Not Destroy Your Destiny

Guest Ceola J, talks about how everyone has the potential for greatness. Ceola was homeless as a child and watched her mother battle alcoholism, suffer domestic violence, and more. As a motivational speaker, playwright, author, and certified life coach, Ceola is passionate about serving others and helping them to discover and live their God-given purpose.

Marc Johnston
Being Authentic in Marriage

Join me with Marc Johnston talking about a way to help couples who are struggling in their marriage. Heather and Marc of High Thrive Coaching help clients reconnect with their spouse and restore their marriage, even if their spouse is checked out or wanting a divorce. Their methods help couples restore trust, improve communication, move beyond affairs and more. 

Lisa Borges*
Believe in Yourself, Never Give Up,Follow Your Dreams

Join me with guest Lisa Borges talking about how important it is to never give up and follow your dreams. Lisa is the author of "Life in the Fat Lane" which tells about her struggles with losing weight and keeping it off. She finally accepted herself for who she truly is and encourages others to believe in themselves and never give up. She is currently working on several children's books.

Susan Wheeler*
Living a HAPPY and Healthy life

Join me with guest Susan Wheeler talking about how changing your mind can change your life. Susan is a certified mindset coach and author of "The Lemonade Diet." She's most passionate about inspiring people to slay their excuses and reach their full potential.

Eric Twiggs*
You Can Move Forward Today

Join me with guest Eric Twiggs talking about how to move in the direction of your goals and dreams. Eric is the author of "The Discipline Of Now: 12 Practical Principles To Overcome Procrastination." He is also the host of a weekly inspirational podcast titled "The 30 Minute Hour." 

Paz Ellis*
Life is Short and Love is What Really Matters

Join me with guest Paz Ellis talking about the importance of family and culture. Her first book,"Plantains and the Seven Plagues," was a product of grief which she wrote after her mother passed away. Her 2nd novel,  "Just Finn,"  is a work of fiction about a young man with Asperger syndrome, inspired by her brother. 

Christine Ristaino**
How to Listen to Each Other

Join me with guest Christine Ristaino who is a survivor of sexual violence and author of "All the Silent Spaces," her memoir. Christine was attacked by a stranger in a parking lot in front of her very young children and had to learn how to speak up about the violence she had sustained then and many years earlier. 

Lisa Kohn*
A Message of Hope and Self-love

Join me with guest Lisa Kohn talking about her memoir "To the Moon and Back: A Childhood Under the Influence."  Lisa has always strived to be authentic in her life and work. She was hesitant to share her story but now that it is out in public, she easily shares it, and is able to be even more authentic and encourage her clients to be the same.  

Steve Gavatorta
How to Listen to Each Other

Join me with guest Steve Gavatorta talking about the positive side of any adversity we experience in our lives. Steve believes that adversity is placed in our lives for us to grow, transform and evolve; and that from that space we can achieve success. His newest book is, "In Defense of Adversity: Turning Your Toughest Challenges Into Your Greatest Success" 

I am an avid listener. Keep up the great episodes! - Mary Davis

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