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Welcome to my website. I'm Mari Mitchell and I have 14 years experience as a Certified Professional Life Coach and Relationship Coach.

I'm here to help you create the life you want for yourself. I help you expand into you best life by overcoming the struggles or challenges you face. Whether it be personal, work related, regarding a relationship, or other challenge, I guide you to solutions. My style is gentle and encouraging and I give you the space to move at your own pace while keeping you accountable.

What can you expect from my coaching?

  • I offer complete confidentiality. Nothing you tell me is ever shared with anyone.

  • You can expect a listening ear with no judgement.

  • I also offer you accountability

  • I am a sounding board for any new ideas or inspiration you may receive.

  • I'll be your personal cheerleader, providing praise for your progress.

  • I always have your back as you move forward with any necessary changes

I'm based out of Southern California and my client base is worldwide. My services are available in person, over the phone, or via video conferencing.   

Take the first step towards creating the life you want and

Book your free 15 min. call with me!

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Coaching on the FLY

Are you struggling with something and could use a listening ear and some guidance?

Emergency coaching for any time you need it.

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Coaching for the
more Mature

This is coaching for those who are 50 years or older going through retirement, the selling of a home, empty nest, loss of loved ones, or other difficult changes in their lives.  Also for those who are wanting to work on something they've always dreamed of, but haven't accomplished yet.

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Life Coaching

If you want to have something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done. - Mari Mitchell

Are you feeling stressed overwhelmed,or anxious? You can find balance and feel connected and supported.

Are you wanting to feel fulfilled, inspired and in the flow? Feel the exhilaration of creating what you really want in your life.

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Relationship Coaching

Are you struggling in a relationship? You don't have to continue experiencing unhappy relationships.

Is your desire to find your true love?
There is someone out there who compliments you perfectly.

You are worthy of happy, fulfilling relationships. - Mari Mitchell

The Majesty In You Master Course

Discover who you really are, feel worthy to receive everything that you desire, be confident of the gifts you have to share with the world. 


The Majesty in You Master Course is inspired from a revelation I had that completely changed my life.


I offer you 7 life expanding modules that will guide you to creating what you want in your own life. 

Dare to be Authentic Vol. 9
Living by Inspiration

I am now accepting contributing authors for the newest book in my Dare to be Authentic book series.

If you would like to become a published author and have a story to share about living your life by inspiration, click below for more information.

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Award winning Radio show 

Produced and Hosted by Mari Mitchell 

On BlogTalk RADIO

Broadcasting for 11 years!

If you have a story of authenticity and encouragement to share, contact me about being a guest on my show. 
Listen to my Dare to be Authentic Radio where I interview authors, spiritual leaders, teachers, healers, medical professionals, coaches, mentors, and others who who boldly share their secrets for living a joyful and authentic life.

​© 2015 by Mari Mitchell Coaching.

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