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Welcome to the

DARE to be Happy  

Law of Attraction In Action Community


I am so thrilled that you have joined us!


Now that you've joined you need to be added to the secret facebook group.

Please enter your name and Facebook page address below (It must be your personal FB page NOT your business page) and you will receive a friend request from me . Once you accept my friend request you will be be added to the Dare to be Happy Law of Attraction in Action Community "Secret" Facebook group.  If you have any questions or want to comment use the message box.

Your details were sent successfully!

Once you receive notification that you've been added, go to the group and begin participating by do the following to raise your vibration DAILY to joy, love and appreciation.


1- Post what you appreciate DAILY under the DARE TO APPRECIATE post.
2- Compliment one of more of the members of this group DAILY under DARE TO COMPLIMENT.

3 - Post a financial abundance Affirmation under the DARE TO PROSPER post DAILY.
4 - If you are having any challenges you are facing, you may post them under DARE TO FOCUS ON THE GOOD so that the group can offer encouragement and suggestions for focusing on the good in the situation.

5- Join the weekly DARE TO BE AWESOME live call, the second Tuesday of each month, at 3:30 Pacific (6:30 EST and 5:30 Central). We will be sharing the awesome things we did and having a time of guided group meditation. A re-play of the call will be available to you if you cannot attend live).

6- Once a quarter join the DARE TO LEARN training call where you will have access to 30 minutes of training on Law of Attraction and how to practially use it to manifest what you want. Training call date will be announced 2 weeks prior to call.


See you in the Facebook group!




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