Mari, I just want to say thank you so much for making me feel better. I think I will have little more discipline in my life like weekly goals and a better schedule plan but without beating myself up if I didn't meet the goal. Yes, you're right, I can do anything I set my mind to!"


                                           -Samantha F.

Mari has helped me transform my life in very tangible ways. With her coaching, I have manifested many opportunities in my business and created boundaries with people in my life as to respect myself and love myself from the inside out!


                                                          -Susan H.


This is a truly inspirational book on so many levels!! A must read- great gift. Each author digs deep and shares the personal journey towards happiness.



Mari has been instrumental in helping me achieve a very important goal, which was to help me recognize the gifts already in my possession.  This recognition helped me to leave the toxic job environment I was in for two years, which was draining me of my peace and even my own belief in my core job skills and my own self worth.  Mari was also amazing in helping me gain new skills to deal with the downtimes during my brief period of unemployment, downtimes which got pretty low. I am now riding a high vibration wave that has helped me to manifest a new job and even some money in my dwindling bank account.  Most of all, I am reacquainted with the peace and serenity that I had lost  I highly recommend her services as Life Coach. Thank you Mari!


                                                         -Cari B.

All of the individual stories in this book are uplifting and thought provoking. I enjoyed it so much I purchased a second one for a friend


Robert Daniel

This book is an anthology of various women who have reached a level of self-actualization through various struggles and challenges. All of these women discovered an inner strength and courage they didn't know they possessed and thought it important to share their stories. I highly recommend this book because it will allow one to recognize oneself in the stories and have the inner faith in attaining the same self empowerment which will lead to a more fulfilling life.

                                         -Karen M Hoffheime