Connect to your highest potential








  • Private Spiritual Mentoring

  • Spiritual Awakening

  • Connecting Deeply Within

Direction/Life purpose/Peace/Confidence

Connect to the greater part of who you are where all guidance, inspiration,

intuition and creativity comes from.



Together we can create the spiritual life you arelonging for as you 

Dig DEEP to a spiritual place where you can feel the peace that has

always belonged to you.


Experience a life where you feel supported, loved, worthy and you

know what you're meant to do and how to best do it.


Are you ready to BE the best YOU?  

Step into YOU, the amazing person you are, draw out the gifts you have

and the power to transform your life into what you desire.






Call me to begin your Spiritual Journey today!  954 243-7297  


Each session is 50 Minutes, in private, one-on-one  via phone, skype or face-to-face.




Mari has helped me transform my life in very tangible ways. With her coaching, I have manifested many opportunities in my business and created boundaries with people in my life as to respect myself and love myself from the inside out!


Susan H.


Mari is such a fantastic listener. She really gave me the tools I needed to work towards building the life that I've always wanted. She really pushed me to go above and beyond. I value the time that I have, and continue to see her. I would recommend anyone to seek her gentle yet effective guidance.


Christina M.



Thanks, Mari for your keen insight & intuition while speaking with me! I so much appreciate your sensitivity and caring spirit. I know others too will gain much from your coaching! You make a difference in my life!


Ellen M. 



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