Many years ago I saw the movie "The Secret" and wondered if I could just wish things into being like the people in the movie. This started me on a path to learning all I could about the Law of Attraction and Manifesting. The first thing I began manifesting was parking spaces and I got very good at it. (I'm still good at it!) Next I manifested a gorgeous brand new blue convertible. I had asked for a used one but manifested a BRAND NEW one.  It blew me away! Then I received a huge raise at work and was now making more money at my part time job than I had ever made working full time! As time went by I began noticing that I would be at the store and see something I wanted and soon it would just come into my life. Sometimes in the most unexpected ways.

Since then I've experienced endless manifestations.

Six steps to Manifesting Master Course

After years of successfully Manifesting what I want in my life I now offer YOU....

6 Steps to Manifesting Master Course
My proven 6 step system for using the Law of Attraction to create the life you've always wanted.  

These 6 modules will take you on a journey to allowing the Law of Attraction to bring what you want into your life. You will discover what the blocks keeping you from manifesting are. You will feel worthy, you will feel happier, more peaceful and content. You will eliminate worry, fear, and anxiety from your life. You will feel supported and secure.

  • This is an on-line course which you do at your own pace.

  • You will receive 4 audio meditation to use with your Modules.

  • You will be added to and receive lifetime membership to the 6 Steps to Manifesting private FB group.

  • All 6 modules will be available to you in the 6 Steps to Manifesting FB group.

  • You may post questions in the FB group which I will answer and you can also give feedback and interact with other members of the group

  • If you're not on Facebook I will email you the modules, worksheets and videos each week.

  • I will interact with you LIVE weekly through the Facebook group to offer guidance and encouragement.

Module 1: Re-setting Your Mind to Abundance - In order to move into abundance you must think abundantly. Experience looking at life in a way that opens you up to not only abundance, but peace and joy.


Module 2:  Conquering Fear  - Fear keeps you from moving forward and keeps away what you want in your life. Look inside to see what fears you carry and learn how to release and overcome those fears, thus allowing the life you want to flow to you.


Module 3:  Stepping into Worthiness - Feelings of unworthiness keep you from manifesting what you want because the vibration of unworthiness will not allow what you're asking to come to you. Take a close look at where feelings of unworthiness come from and begin to truly feel your own worth.


Module 4: Telling a New Story - If you keep telling the story of what you've suffered and what you don't like in your life, you cannot move into what you do want. Learn how to tell a new story of how you want your life to be and see what you want begins to manifest.


Module 5: Connecting With Inspiration -Learn how to connect and receive inspiration for the next steps towards allowing what you want into your life. 


Module 6:  Creating a plan of action - Action is necessary in order to bring forth what you want in your life but it must be inspired action. Learn how to tell whether you action you are thinking of taking is inspired and create a step by step plan to get what you want in your life.

Do you wish you had more money, love, a fulfilling career, health and happiness? Attract everything you want in your life by learning the secret of how to use these universal laws to create the life you want. 

Learn to manifest! Step into a life where you feel loved, happy, fulfilled and prosperous.                                


Create what you want!

 Step into a space where:

  • You are more than ready to manifest what you want NOW!

  • You can create the life you want.

  • You can step into abundance in every area of your life.

6 Modules  $500.00

Now only $155.00 for a limited time

I can't wait to show you how to create the life you want!    Lvve, Mari

I took the first Module with Mari and I was so excited. I did the work she gave me that night. When I got up the next morning I was feeling really good. Next thing I know my brother called me saying that he paid for my initial fees to begin my master's program and he set me up to earn $1200 a month so I could pay for school. I didn't try to manifest this but it's something I truly needed and it didn't happen until I was given the tools to raise my vibration. Thanks Mari!    -Nicole H.


Mari has been instrumental in helping me achieve a very important goal, which was to help me recognize the gifts already in my possession. This recognition helped me to leave the toxic job environment I was in for two years, which was draining me of my peace and even my own belief in my core job skills and my own self worth.  Mari was also amazing in helping me gain new skills to deal with the down times during my brief period of unemployment, down times which got pretty low. I am now riding a high vibration wave that has helped me to manifest a new job and even some money in my dwindling bank account.  Most of all, I am reacquainted with the peace and serenity that I had lost  I highly recommend her services as Life Coach. Thank you Mari!  - Cari B.


Mari has helped me transform my life in very tangible ways. With her coaching, I have manifested many opportunities in my business and created boundaries with people in my life as to respect myself and love myself from the inside.                                                                                                                                                                    -Susan H.



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