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The Majesty In You Master Course

Discover who you really are, feel worthy to receive everything that you desire, be confident of the gifts you have to share with the world. 


The Majesty in You Master Course is inspired from a revelation I had that completely changed my life.


I offer you 7 life expanding modules plus 1 coaching session that will guide you to what you need to discover in your own life. 

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take a look.jpg

Module 1

How you see yourself

This module will reveal how you actually see yourself. You will discover the negative beliefs you have about yourself and  the root of those beliefs. You will see the truth of who you really are and the gifts that you have. It's time to see yourself in a positive light see your gifts, expand them, and step into your power. 

Module 1 -Worksheets

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Module 2

Seeing Yourself Through
the Eyes of Love

This module will allow you to see yourself as you probably never have before - through the eyes of love.  We are harder on ourselves than we are on anyone else. We remember to reprimand ourselves for mistakes but give ourselves no credit for or applaud the things we have accomplished. It's time to really begin to love yourself and experience what self-love does for your life.

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Module 2 -Worksheets

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Module 3

Owning Your Majesty

How you treat yourself affects how you see yourself and either enhances or detracts from the greatness that is already in you. How you treat yourself also teaches others how to treat you. This module will reveal how you are actually treating yourself and give you the tools to practice being kinder to yourself as you step more into your majesty.

Module 3 -Worksheets

Module 4

Releasing Your Majesty
Part 1 - FEAR 

FEAR is one of the lowest energy vibrations. And being in that space of fear keeps you from connecting to your Majestic self and moving forward into everything you desire in your life. Learn how to get down to the source of your fears and disarm them.

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Module 4 -Worksheets


Module 5

Releasing Your Majesty
Part 2 DOUBT

DOUBT is at a higher vibrational place than fear. It’s right in the middle and keeps you from breaking through to the highest of vibrations: Love, Appreciation, Passion and Joy. Learn how to move from doubt to belief, confidence, faith and knowledge.

Module 5 -Worksheets


Module 6

Being Majestic

Being Majestic is a life-changing step. Once you begin this journey you will never see yourself or those around you in the same way. You will move, grow, create and expand from a sacred space, a space that comes from deep inside of you and flows outward.


Module 6 -Worksheets


Module 7

Emerging as Your Majestic Self

Emerging as Your Majestic Self, means that you are willing to be visible. The Majesty in You will begin to create the life you desire as you allow it to be visible and active. Now that you have felt the power that resides in you and know how amazing that feels, it’s time to allow the world to see the Majesty in You.

Module 7 -Worksheets

Coaching Session

Implementing Your Majesty

Implementing Your Majesty means that you are ready to show up as the majestic person you really are. We will have a one hour coaching session where I will help you break down the ways in which you want to move forward. We will discuss any fears or hesitation you may have and create an action plan that feels comfortable for you. 

Go here to schedule your coaching session:

Image by Ronnie Overgoor
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