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I wanted a good life full of love, joy, and fulfillment. I believed that I could achieve this, but I didn't know how. That belief led me on a journey to finding the Divine that lives in me. I doubted that I was loved and supported by the Divine. I didn't fully love myself because I didn't know the fullness and extent of the Divine love that is always there for me.

One day I felt it. I felt the complete and utter love and simultaneously I felt my worth. If a Divine being could love me SO much, then I must have something special to offer the world. I  discovered that I am loved and supported, worthy, talented and gifted. I found the guidance that I needed to create the life I'd always wanted.

I discovered The Majesty in Me  

This Majesty lives in you as well. This is why I created...The Majesty in You

These 7 modules will lead you to discover many things; you will feel how much you are loved and become ready to love yourself and others the same way, you will feel more empowered, inspired and your self- esteem will grow, and you may even become more daring as you step more into who you really are, who you were truly create to be.


  • This is an on-line course which you do at your own pace.

  • You will be added to and receive lifetime membership to the Majesty in You private Facebook group.

  • All the modules with accompanying videos will be available to you in the Majesty in You Facebook group.

  • You may post questions in the FB group which I will answer and you can also give feedback and interact with the other members of the group

  • I will interact with you LIVE weekly through the Facebook group to offer guidance and encouragement.

  • If you're not on Facebook I will email you the modules, worksheets and videos each week.

  • Complimentary 1/2 hour PRIVATE session with me after completing the course to plan your next steps.

Join me for 7 Modules that will open up a world of possibilities to you. 

Module 1: How Do You See Yourself?  - Assessing how you see yourself.


Module 2: Seeing Your Majesty  - Seeing yourself through the eyes of love.


Module 3: Owning Your Majesty - Treating yourself with kindness and gentleness


Module 4: Releasing Your Majesty - Part 1 - Releasing fear from your life

Module 5: Releasing Your Majesty - Part 2 - Releasing doubt from your life 

Module 6: Being Majestic -  Connecting with your Majestic Self  (Your Divine light)


Module 7: Emerging as Your Majestic Self - Stepping into the new YOU 

  • Connect fully with your Life Purpose

  • Take steps to create a Vision for your life

  • Move forward towards fulfillment, joy and love

This course offers you the space to:

Are you ready for a life transforming experience?   Say YES to the Majesty in YOU!

7 modules $550.00 

Now only $255.00 for a limited time

       I can't wait for you to create the life you dream of!    With much love, Mari                                                      

"Before I started this course I was unhappy and felt stuck and didn't know where to turn. Now that I've completed it I feel much calmer and happy. I have a place to go where I can express the things I am stuck with and look for solutions. When I'm having a negative thought, I disregard it quickly. I now view myself as worthy and deserving of love and anything I want, which is very powerful and was my goal.                   -Stephanie S.

"When I began my journey to find The Majesty Within, I had so many questions for my higher self and felt separate from the Divine- almost unworthy. With Mari's guidance through this course, I now find that I can connect to Source easier by creating my sacred space anywhere and anytime. Thank you, Mari!"        -Sue H.

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