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Life Coaching Sessions

All coaching sessions are private, one-on-one sessions in person, over the phone or via video conference.

1/2 hour session 


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1 hour session  


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1 Month of sessions   $500.00 

 4 - 1 Hour Sessions

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3 Months of Sessions $1400.00 

12 - 1 hour sessions

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6 Months of sessions $2600.00 

24 - 1 hour sessions

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Debbie P.

“Thanks for everything, and for our awesome session that resulted in a super fast manifestation! I just got agreement this week from the company I've been writing for and they've agreed to double my pay! They love the work that I'm doing and want to keep utilizing me more, so starting this month, they're paying me double! I'm beyond excited and thankful for such an amazing manifestation! Wahooo!!!! Feeling good, focused, energized, and happy, so I'd say I'm on the right trajectory!"

Laura Z.

"I've really enjoyed working with Mari. I've been working with her as a private coach . Mari is kind, caring and understanding. She was able to point out things that I did not see myself and helped me improve so much! Our sessions are  always like meeting an old friend - smooth & easy !! Mari's books are also a great reference point."

Susan H.

"Mari has helped me transform my life in very tangible ways. With her coaching, I have manifested many opportunities in my business and created boundaries with people in my life as to respect myself and love myself from the inside out!."
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